discovered by ZAR

Information Edit

Going through time without a Master Sword in your inventory will perform an Adult Reset — which is to say the game will assume that this is your first time becoming Adult Link. As Adult Link cannot use items like Boomerang, they made it so there was a default setup for your adult C buttons and equipped items.

This includes:

  • Deku Nuts on C-Left (only if you have them, else blank)
  • Bombs on C-Down
  • Ocarina of Time on C-Right (only if you have it, else blank)
  • Master Sword in inventory, equipped and on B
  • Hylian Shield equipped (only if you have it)
  • Kokiri Tunic equipped
  • Kokiri Boots equipped
  • Bombs always equipping regardless if having them or not makes this useful in situations where you would skip them, because using that bomb icon in addition to Cojiro RBA, you can end up having usable bombs as long as you don't equip something over this icon.

As the light arrow cutscene acts as a BA trigger, this counts as going through time and has all the properties of normal BA, including the ability to Adult Reset. This is used to get the MS back on a 1.0 save file during an any% run.

Notes & other info Edit

Being swordless and going back in time also seems to trigger Adult Reset, despite having the MS in the inventory. This was found by unreal, and should be looked into more carefully.

It should be noted that due to Adult Reset, Zora Mask BA can never avoid having the second least significant bit flagged while putting an item on B.