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Trick Description Edit

All Versions

The Back In Time glitch allows you to warp to the title screen map by pressing the reset button How To Do In Quicksand or Lava

  1. Find some lava or quicksand and jump into it
  2. Wait until the line of lava/quicksand reaches about inbetween Link's wrist and fingers
  3. Press the home button on the Wii for the Wii version and click reset, or press the reset button on the GameCube version

Notes: You can also reset the GameCube version by holding down on Start + B + X, but there's about a 1 second delay on this.

How To Do Over Voids Edit

  1. Find a void to jump into, and make sure there isn't any solid ground that you might jump into
  2. Hit reset.
  3. If done right you should be able to see Link's arms just start to raise up as the screen turns black

Notes: Make sure that you're not jumping over or near anything solid, because this will alter the proper timing.

Effects Edit

If you do the trick right, you will respawn in the title screen map. Pressing start will cause the title screen to pop open, and on the wii version pressing other buttons will sometimes crash the game.