Glitch Description Edit

Bottle duplication can overwrite any equipable item with a bottle, including every mask. Since you're overwriting the item, you can't use whatever item was there before. For items that you can only get once, the item is gone forever. Items that you can purchase/collect off the ground can overwrite the bottle. For instance, if you duplicate a bottle over your bomb slot, you can get bombs back by picking them up from grass or buying them from the bomb shop.

The only inventory items that can't ever be gotten back after you dupe over them are the ocarina, magic beans, hookshot, and lens of truth. Duping over the ocarina makes the game act like it's in the first cycle [1]. Duping over powder kegs makes you stop being approved to carry powder kegs. Powder kegs can only be gotten back by talking to the goron who put you through the powder keg test. If the boulder blocking the goron race track is gone, he will just give you a powder keg as though you already passed the test. If it's not gone, he will put you through the test again. The Great Fairy's sword can only be gotten back by recatching all the stray fairies in Stone Tower Temple in a later cycle and going back to its fairy fountain. The pictograph also can only be gotten back in a later cycle. Furthermore, the boat cruise can be skipped when you get the pictograph for the first time but not when get it back after duping over it. If you catch the deku princess in a duped bottle then leave and come back, there will be another deku princess there.

Bottles duped over any item in one of the 3 trade item slots will disappear when you play the Song of Time. Bottled items in any other duped bottle don't disappear when you play the Song of Time. Hot spring water in a duped bottle has no cooling time limit. In addition to that, catching hot spring water in a duped bottle can sometimes make other changes to the game which is called Bottle Corruption.

Bottle duplication appears to work the same way as it would if it worked the following way:

Every item counter stays the same as it already was when you dupe a bottle over it and when you play the song of time while a bottle is duped over it. Except for magic beans, all items with a counter overwrite the bottle duped over them when you get some. When ever you collect a batch of an item with a counter while a bottle is duped over it, the game either adds the number in that batch to the current item count or adds it to 0. For bombs and bombchus, it adds the batch number to the current item count no matter how you get them. For deku sticks, powder kegs, and the pictograph, it adds the batch number to 0 no matter what. For deku nuts, the batch number gets added to 0 when you pick them up but added to the current item count when you buy some or get them in the treasure chest shop. The item count doesn't even get rounded down to its normal maximum when you get some while a bottle is duped over it. Using or getting an item with a counter while it's above its normal maximum when no bottle is duped over it immediately reduces its counter to its normal maximum. You can't buy an item whose counter is at or above its normal maximum whether or not a bottle is duped over it.

For any c-button with a duped bottle equipped to it, that c-button will change to an empty bottle when you play the Song of Time despite the fact that it doesn't do so on the sub-screen. Also, if you if you have a duped bottle equipped to a c-button, that c-button will stay a bottle even if you get back the item it was duped over on the sub-screen. Capturing something in a bottle that's a bottle on the c-button or releasing something from it will change it to the same type of bottle on the subscreen as it changes to on the c-button. Equipping an item that's a different type of item on the subscreen than the c-button will turn the c-button into the same type of item as it is on the subscreen. If you play the song of time with an equipped bottle duped over a trade item slot, that c-button will turn into an empty bottle but on the subscreen, it will be an equipped empty slot. If you unequip that bottle, the empty subscreen slot that was assigned to that button can't be reequipped. If you capture something in that bottle, the empty slot assigned to it turns into the same type of bottle as it turns into on the c-butt

How To Edit

Method 1.

discovered by Glitches0and0Stuff

The door to the Curiosity shop is only open from 10 PM to 5 AM. You can also get in another way by getting ISG then using the hookshot on the torch beside the Curiosity shop to clip through the wall then Hovering in. If you're not going to use any bombs after clipping, you need 3 bombchus to get in after clipping. The Man from the Curiosity shop won't be there if you clip in during the day.

You need at least one bottle with something that you can sell to the shopkeeper(bugs, red potion, etc).

  1. Show the shopkeeper the bottled item
  2. Select "I'll take it"
  3. Pause before the item actually sells
  4. Equip the item you want to turn into a bottle on the C button that the bottled item you're selling is on
  5. Unpause
  6. The item you replaced is now a bottle

The timing is pretty strict on the pause(3 frames), mashing the pause button or timing it both can work, depending on what you prefer. Only the item you equipped to that c-button will turn into an empty bottle but the bottled item you equipped before talking to him will keep what was already in it. This is very useful with the gold dust since that lets you 200 rupees and can be repeated infinitely. You can learn the fastest way to deposit 5000 rupees here.

If you have an empty c-button, you can equip a bottle that doesn't even exist on the subscreen by saying "I'll take it" then pressing start and equipping the bottled item you just sold to the empty c-button which will move the empty slot to that c-button which will turn into a bottle when the item gets sold. The result is an empty bottle will appear on the c-button right after you make it an empty slot with your equips. An empty c-button can be gotten back by giving away Anju's pendent, priority mail, or the ocean title deed or playing the song of time with any trade item at all on a c-button. Duping a bottle that way is very useful because it gives you an extra bottle without overwriting any inventory item. Be vary careful when using that kind of duped bottle in a speedrun because once you equip something over it, it doesn't exist anymore and the only way to get it back is to do that bottle duplication glitch again.

Another way to do that glitch is to use press the c-button of an item that can be used in the Curiosity Shop. Such items are all masks but the Gian't Mask and the Fierce Daity's Mask, the ocarina, the pictograph, any item in the trade item slot, and any bottle regardless of what's in it. Doing so will dupe a bottle over that item. The time frame you have to press a c-button item is later than the time frame for pressing Start.

Bottle duplication can also be done by selling the a magical mushroom in the magic hag's potion shop.

Method 2.

discovered by Splint is Cool

ESS bottle duplication The way to do it is by catching an item in a bottle then while the bottled item is still in Link's hand, pressing the bottle button then about a 20th of a second later, pressing the c-button of an item that makes a sound indicating you can't use that item. Doing that sequence of moves can only be done with captureable items. Two of the captureable items, Magical Mushroom and Deku Princess, Link automatically puts away after capturing so they can't be used for that glitch either. There are 4 possible effects of that sequence of moves, ESS duping, playing the item like an ocarina, drinking the item with no change in health or magic, and acting like the c-button of the captured item wasn't pressed. Of all the captureable items that Link doesn't automatically put away after he captures them, with the exception of the 2 that aren't releasable Zora Egg and Big Poe Soul, with the exception of magic arrows, you will ESS dupe if the item used is a nontransformation mask or any item when it has the sound indicating you can't use it. If the item used is an empty bottle, you will drink it. If the item used is a transformation mask, any bottled item, the pictograph, the lens of truth when you have some magic, or any item that says "This item doesn't seem to work here...", it will be as though the bottle button you pressed just before it wasn't pressed at all. If the item used isn't any of the items that doesn't treat it like the c-button before it wasn't pressed or an empty bottle, it will be played like an ocarina if there isn't a sound indicating you can't use it. If you capture one of the two non-releasable items that you don't automatically put away, ESS duping is replaced with acting like the button you pressed right after the bottled item button wasn't pressed but the other 3 possible effects are unchanged. The two recaptureable items, Fish and Bug, can be used for that glitch anywhere.

All items other than the bow, powder kegs and the pictograph, with a counter can be made to make that sound in human form by first using up every last one of them in human form, and powder kegs can be made to make that sound in goron form by first using it up. Bombs and bombchus can also be made to make that sound by having 3 unexploded explosives out there each of which is either a bomb or a bombchu. The lens of truth can be made to make that sound by having no magic. The magic arrows can be made to have that sound by either being so soon after using a magic arrow or by using the lens of truth at the same time but using a magic arrow despite that will still play the bow like an ocarina even if pressing the c-button for it makes that sound.