discovered by Slowking (Methods 2 and 3)

Glitch Description Edit

With this glitch Link keeps a Deku Stick once it's broken, instead of throwing it away. This stick can then be used like a normal Deku Stick but indefinitely (nothing will break it further), which is particularly useful since this Broken Stick deals the same amount of damage (2HP) as an intact one. It isn't really usefull in OoT since you have the Power Crouch Stab and Deku Sticks can be found at any corner, but it will really help you out in MM where the Crouch Stab doesn't work and Deku Sticks are rare. The only way to get more damage is by forging your sword or getting the Great Fairy sword which all takes a lot of time.

How To Edit

Method 1: Being in the air

  1. Stand on a elevated position with a ledge, with a wall next to you
  2. Jump Down
  3. Break the stick on the wall while falling
  4. Land

Method 2: Taking damage

  1. Take damage between breaking the stick and throwing it away (enemy or bomb)

Method 3: Hitting two things

  1. Hit two things with the same swing. For example a wall and a rock.

Uses Edit

If you are not going to forge your sword this is the perfect weapon against Wizrobe, Garo Master and Majoras Wrath. They will go down pretty fast, as a jumpslash with the Broken Deku Stick does 4HP damage.

Notes Edit

Obviously only method 2 is really useful. You can just take damage from the (mini)boss or damage yourself by means of a bomb. This might also set you up for a death-warp afterwards in some cases.

Very important is to note, that the game will substract a Deku Stick from your total amount the moment you break one, not when you throw it away. This means you always have to have one more stick than you actually need, otherwise Link will have the Broken Stick in his hands, but he won't be able to swing it.