Method 1 - Superslide Hover Edit

discovered by Pokey

Get captured by the guards so that you'll be thrown in prison. Hookshot up to the ledge and align your back so that it's facing the gate. Now execute a superslide towards the ledge on the right, and equip the hover boots just as you are about to fall off. Here's the tricky part. Let go of R and move the control stick to right/up right and roll. When the hover boots wear off, use a jumpslash to land onto the hill. Now proceed over to the other side of the gate and to the Wasteland.

Method 2 - Hover Boots Edit

discovered by TSA

While above the jail, hop onto the wooden box. Face torward the wall next to you and Z-target. Equip the Hover Boots and sidestep off the box while still holding Z. As the hover wears off, sidehop jumpslash to the small banister. Run torward the steep hill and sidehop jumpslash. Carefully proceed to the Wasteland.

Method 3 - Megaflip Edit

discovered by MrGrunz

Make your way to the top of the jail. Take out the hookshot, Z-Target, and backflip so that you land on the side of the small fence. Shoot your hookshot during the backflip to cancel the flip. Now sidestep off torward the toward the taller ledge to grab onto it. Align yourself torward the slanted hill and megaflip to it. Now proceed over to the other side of the gate and sidehop off the hill.