Child Link Edit

Bottom of the Well Edit

  • Hidden Alcove

When you can hear a Skulltula but can't for the life of you work out where it is, check all surrounding walls with the Lens Of Truth for one in a hidden alcove in the wall.

  • Room With Flying Pots

It's on the wall, so just kill it as you would normally.

  • In The Like Like Cage

Get swallowed up twice from outside the cage to end up inside the cage. From here you can take the Skulltula as you would normally.

Death Mountain Crater Edit

  • Near Bolero Of Fire Warp Exit

There's a patch of soil near the exit, so empty a bottle of bugs into it to reveal a Gold Skulltula.

  • Crate Left Death Mountain Crater Entrance

As you enter the Crater, look to your left and there is a crate. Disturb the crate by any means you wish to reveal another Gold Skulltula.

Death Mountain Trail Edit

  • Behind Soft Rock Wall

To get this, bomb the bright brown patch of the wall that is on your right as you run up the trail to see a Skulltula in an alcove.

  • Soft Soil Patch Outside Dodongo's Cavern Entrance

To get this Skulltula, release bugs into the soft soil.

Desert Colossus Edit

  • Near The Temple's Entrance

There's soft soil in this area. Find it, then put some bugs in the soil. Also plant a seed here for a later Skulltula.

Dodongo's Cavern Edit

  • Bomb Flower Room

Here, you can't go into the room where you have to blow up all of those bomb flowers to raise some steps via the normal path. Instead, when you enter the dungeon use the right pillar lift and enter the room with the switchblades running along the floor and ladders with blue blocks at the bottom. Go up the ladder without a blue block and follow the rooms until you are in the Bomb Flower Room. Turn left and carry on down your current path until you see some vines. Kill the Skulltula up there and then climb up and collect the token.

  • Bomb Flower Room

This time you can enter the room where you have to blow up all of those bomb flowers to raise some steps the normal way. Walk along the raised section around the edge until you find the Golden Skulltula.

  • Dodongo Larva Corridor

From the main room, use the door on the right which is being guarded by a Bombos to enter the corridor where Dodongo Larva spring out of the ground at you. Bomb a patch of the wall which looks different to the rest and inside kill the Armos to reveal a Skulltula.

  • Room Through The Rock Dodongo Head

From the main room, go through the mouth of the Dodongo, and in the room with blocks in it find a patch of the wall that looks different from the rest of it. Bomb it and there is an Armos to kill to reveal another Skulltula.

Gerudo Valley Edit

  • Behind The Waterfall

Dive in off the wooden bridge (go on, you know you want to!), and swim up towards the waterfall. Behind it is a ladder. Climb up this and into a cutaway in the wall. The Skulltula is here.

  • On A Ledge In The Valley

Look down into the valley off the cliff side, and find a ledge with a cow on it. Find a Cucco, grab it, and glide down to this ledge. You'll find some soft soil. Let some bugs dig into it, and out will come a Golden Skulltula.

Goron City Edit

  • Suspended Platform

Look on the outside of the suspended bridge. Fire your slingshot at it to kill him and use your boomerang to retrieve the golden token.

  • Top Level

Find a room of rocks, and bomb everything in sight. Follow the path of bombable rocks to find a crate with a Skulltula inside.

Hyrule Castle Edit

  • First Tree

As you enter the path to Hyrule Castle, before you reach the gates, there is a tree. Roll into it and a Gold Skulltula will fall out.

  • Outside, Near Talon Meeting Place

There's a tree on the corner of the moat. Play the Song of Storms underneath it, and go down the hole that opens up.

Hyrule Field Edit

  • Tree To Left Of Kakariko Village Steps

When you see the Kakariko Village steps, go left towards the Market wall. Place a bomb under the lone tree and go down the hole that appears.

Hyrule Castle Town Market Edit

  • Money Room

On the path just after the Drawbridge, enter the room with the lone guard and the pots containing money. Break open all of the crates to find a Golden Skulltula inside.

Inside Jabu Jabu's Belly Edit

  • Room With Holes In The Floor

Drop through the right hole and you'll land near a Skulltula. Use your boomerang to get rid of him.

  • Room With Holes In The Floor

Drop through the right hole (again) and you'll land near a Skulltula. Use your boomerang to get rid of him.

  • Outside The Boss Room

In the room just before the Boss Room, climb up the various vines until you come across this Skulltula.

  • Room With Small Lake

In the room with two patches of land separated by water and vines down the right side of the room, look up those vines to find another Skulltula.

Inside the Deku Tree Edit

  • Compass Room

In the room where you obtain the compass, there is an alcove with the Skulltula in it to your left. Watch out for the Giant Skulltula and all will be fine.

  • The Vines Leading Back To Ground Floor

When you have rid of the spider web on the ground floor, dive down into the floor below and then look back up at the vines. There is a Skulltula on this wall.

  • Alcove With Wooden Bats

Down the bottom of the main hole in ground floor, use your boomerang to kill the Skulltulla down here.

  • Room With Two Spider Webs And Torch

As an Adult, finish the Forest Temple and then come back here as a Child (this may be possible to do as an Adult). Burn the spider web with a Deku Baba behind it and then kill it. Bomb the wall behind him and then kill the resulting Golden Skulltula.

Kakariko Village Edit

  • Dampe's House

Visit the Graveyard at night and look on the wall of Dampe's house.

  • House Of Skulltula

Once again, go into the town at night and look on the back wall of the House Of Skulltula.

  • The Unfinished Building

Also at night have a look at the building that they're... building, and you'll find a Golden Skulltula on one of the pillars.

  • A House Near The Death Mountain Trail Gates

Look for this house at night and on the wall is a Golden Skulltula.

  • Ladder Of The Lookout Tower

Before you go up this ladder at night, stand back and aim up with your Fairy Slingshot at a Golden Skulltula waiting for you.

  • Soft Soil In Graveyard

Empty a bottle full of bugs down this hole and a Skulltula shall pop out.

  • In A Tree

At night, when you enter the village from Hyrule Field, look for a tree. Roll into it and one should fall out.

Kokiri Forest Edit

  • Know-It-All Brothers' House

Visit the forest at night, and look at the back pf the Know-It-All Brothers' House. Use your Slingshot and Boomerang to kill the Skulltula and retrieve the token.

  • Soft Soil Patch

Let a bottle of bugs out into this patch of soft soil and kill the Skulltula that emerges.

Lake Hylia Edit

  • One Of The Three Islands

Go to each of those islands connected by bridges in the distance at night time and on one of them is a Golden Skulltula.

  • Soft Soil Patch

In front of the Science Laboratory there is another patch of soft soil. Drop a bottle of bugs onto it.

  • The Back Of The Science Laboratory

Now go around the back of the laboratory (you might need to do this from afar) and there is a Golden Skulltula there.

Lon Lon Ranch Edit

  • Talon's House

At night look at the windows of Talon's House. On one of them there is a Golden Skulltula.

  • The Tree

Roll into the tree in the ranch and a Skulltula will pop out.

  • Back Of The Ranch

Inside the horse area, go to the back and find that wooden structure at night. There's a Golden Skulltula there.

  • The Weird Building Towards The Back Of The Ranch

You know, the one with the cow in it? Well anyway, run around the side of the ranch until you find a hard-to-describe building. Go through the door and inside there is (among other things) a cow and a Golden Skulltula.

Lost Woods Edit

  • Soft Soil Patch Near Deku Scrubs

When you eventually find this patch of soft soil, deposit some bugs into it to reveal a Golden Skulltula. Also, plant a Magic Seed here for later.

  • Under The Bridge From Kokiri Forest To Hyrule Field

Find your way from the entrance to the Lost Woods to this room, and then find the soft soil patch underneath the bridge. Let a bottle of bugs loose into the patch of soil and a Skulltula will be revealed.

Spirit Temple Edit

  • Iron Knuckle Room

Turn around after the fight with Iron Knuckle, and there's one above the door here.

  • Tunnel One

Go through the first tunnel, and then turn right. There's grating here, with a Skulltula on it.

  • Tunnel Two

Go through the second tunnel, then go through the door. You'll find a climbable wall. Stand at the base and pick off the Skullwalltulas, and then climb up for another Skulltula.

Zora's Fountain Edit

  • Island With Lone Tree

Find the island with a tree on it. Roll into the tree and a Skulltula will drop out.

  • Giant Log

Find the giant log floating around in the water, and get on it. Go to the wall with it and there's a Golden Skulltula there.

Zora's River Edit

  • Tree Near Entrance

When you enter the River, one of the first things you will see, apart from some rocks, is a tree. Roll into it and a Skulltula will fall out.

  • The Top Of The River

When you find the network of paths over the shallow water near the waterfall, drop into the water below and take out the Gold Skulltula on the ladder.

Adult Link Edit

Death Mountain Trail Edit

  • Summit of Death Mountain Trail at Night

Just behind one of the boulders near the Skullwalltulas on the wall.

  • Bomb Plant Area Above Dodongo's Cavern Entrance at Night

At the entrance of Goron City, turn around and you'll see a path leading you to this balcony.

Desert Colossus Edit

  • Along The Magic Plant's Trail

Plant a Magic Bean in the soft soil near the entrance of the Spirit Temple as a child, then come back as an adult and ride the plant to get the Gold Skulltula.

  • Up A Palm Tree

Look up all of the palm trees until you find the Gold Skulltula. Fire your arrows to kill him and then Hookshot the token.

Dodongo's Cavern Edit

  • Dodongo Larva Corridor

Return to the Dodongo Larva Corridor where you bombed the wall has a child. At one point along the corridor, Navi will float up above the corridor into an alcove. Play the Scarecrow's Song when she does this and Hookshot up to the Scarecrow. There's a Skulltula waiting for you.

Fire Temple Edit

  • Main Bridge Room

In the room with the long wooden bridge running across it, play the Song Of Time on the big Song Of Time block. It will let you into a new room, in which there is a Golden Skulltula.

  • Spinning Tiles Room

In one of the rooms with flying spinning tiles (the one leading to the boss key), find a Like Like and look behind it to find another Skulltula.

  • Boulder Maze

There are certain points in the maze with a exit. In one of the points, however, you will hear a Skulltula noise. Lay a bomb on the ground here and kill the Skulltula below.

  • Above The Boulder Maze

On the second floor of the maze, run around until Navi flies off and turns green. When she does, play the Scarecrow Song and use the platforms to get to your next Skulltula.

  • Megaton Hammer Room

Here, look on the walls to find another Skulltula.

Forest Temple Edit

  • Outside The Temple Door

After you have used the Hookshot outside the Temple to get up to the entrance, you'll find yourself in a courtyard. Two Wolfos will attack, but once you have dispatched them find some vines along the right hand wall and climb them. Get up onto a the branch you'll find at the top and from there kill the Skulltula.

  • In The Main Room

In the main room with the four torches, go to the centre of the room and use first-person mode to look at all of the walls to find it. Once you have done so, kill it and retrieve the token with your Hookshot.

  • Room With Well

Go to the first well room, and up on one of the walls you'll find a Skulltula.

  • Room With Well Drainage Button

There are two rooms with the well in, but go to the one which also has the switch to drain it. Use your Hookshot to grapple the small treasure chest and kill the Skulltula on that ledge.

  • Room Before Boss Room

There is a wall here which you can push around until you find a Golden Skulltula. You will also have to use various switches.

Ganon's Tower Edit

  • Stone Arch

Look around near here when you hear the scratching noise. Use a Fairy Bow to kill it and a Longshot to retrieve the token.

Gerudo Fortress Edit

  • On A Wall To Your Right As You Enter

As you enter the area, turn 90° to your right and check the wall above the one you are looking at.

  • Horseback Archery Range

Go up to the Horseback Archery Range and you'll find a Gold Skulltula on one of the targets there.

Gerudo Valley Edit

  • Behind The Carpenters Tent

Just the normal way of getting them, as it isn't in an awkward position.

  • Before the entrance to Gerudo Fortress

When you can hear that magic scratching noise around this area, look up and he'll be there.

Haunted Wastelands Edit

  • The Building With The Invisible Poe Guide

There's one in here, but you don't need any special tactics for it.

Hyrule Field Edit

  • Big Rock Near Entrance To Gerudo Valley

When you see the big rock with smaller rocks all around it, use your Megaton Hammer on it. Go down the hole that it leaves.

Ice Cavern Edit

  • Sliding Block Room

In the room where you move around that ice block, look on the wall and there should be another Skulltula.

  • Helicopter Blade Room

In the room with the massive blade spinning in the centre, move to the edge of the room as you don't get hit. Smash the icicles to make your way around the room until you can see the Skulltula up on the wall.

  • Compass Room

Use the blue fire to melt the red ice in front of the Golden Skulltula and Heart Piece.

Kakariko Village Edit

  • Roof Of Impa's House

At night, look on the roof of Impa's House (the one with the guard outside) and there is a Golden Skulltula on top. If you cannot get it, use your Longshot.

Kokiri Forest Edit

  • The Twin's House

High up on the back of the Twin's House is another Golden Skulltula.

Lake Hylia Edit

  • Inside The Science Laboratory

Equip the Iron Boots and sink to the bottom of the pool. At the bottom there is a Golden Skulltula.

  • Serenade Of Water Exit Point

Look up the tree you appear outside of when you play the Serenade of Water and use your Longshot to kill the Golden Skulltula and retrieve the Token the same way.

Lost Woods Edit

  • The Plant You Produced As A Child

Find the room with the patch of soft soil, and if you planted a seed there, you will find a plant there now. Ride the platform up to find a Golden Skulltula.

Sacred Forest Meadow Edit

  • Near The End Of The Maze

When you get close to the Moblin with the giant club, turn left instead and look up at the walls. There should be a Golden Skulltula there for you.

Shadow Temple Edit

  • Ship Room

Stand on the Triforce symbol on the ship at the end of the dungeon, and play the Scarecrow's Song. Longshot over to the scarecrow to find another Skulltula.

  • Blue Spinning Skulls Room

Behind the spinning skulls is another Skulltula.

  • Room With Invisible Platforms

Go to the first corner of platforms where you'll be attacked by a Stalfos. Kill him, but don't carry on round the corner. Turn around, and use the Lens of Truth to see an invisible platform. Cross it into another room. In here, collect the silver rupees to open a room with a Golden Skulltula inside.

  • Room With Invisible Spinning Blades

Explore the walls in this room to find another Skulltula.

Spirit Temple Edit

  • Egyptian Statue Room

Find the huge Egyptian statue, and go up the stairs. To your left you'll find a ledge that you can get to via the Scarecrow's Song. A Skulltula is up here.

  • Boulder Room

There's an alcove in here, but to get there you'll need to play the Song Of Time next to a blue block. You'll find a Skulltula here.

Water Temple Edit

  • Waterfall With Platforms Room

To the right of this waterfall, and on the wall you'll see a sneaky Skulltula. Use your Longshot to kill it.

  • Waterfall With Rocks Room

In the room with the waterfall that spits out rocks, equip your Iron Boots and stand at the base. On the wall is a Golden Skulltula.

  • Room With Diamond Switch

Turn left from the room where Ruto departed, and you'll find a room with a diamond switch in it. Hit this using a charged Spin Attack through the gate it's behind and kill the Skulltula in the room this opens up.

  • Room With Longshot

Drop down behind the chest that used to contain the Longshot, and equip your iron boots. Along the walls near the third vortex is another Golden Skulltula.

  • Main Pillar

Use the Longshot to climb the inside of the main pillar, right to the top. You'll need to drain all the water to the bottom of the temple first, though. At the top you'll find the Skulltula.

Zora's Domain Edit

  • Top Of Waterfall

Run up to the top of the frozen waterfall where as a child you would have played the diving game, and at the edge look left. There's a Golden Skulltula here.

Zora's Fountain Edit

  • Island With Lone Tree

When you have got the Silver Gauntlets, come here and pick up the rock with them. If you don't have them, then use the Megaton Hammer on it. Anyway, descend down the hole that it leaves behind, kill the three invisible Skulltulas and then the Golden Skulltula is all yours.

Zora's River Edit

  • Above The Bridge

Run up the river at night until you come across a wooden bridge. When you are on it, look up at the walls around you and you'll see a Golden Skulltula.

  • Ledge Above Some Paths

You'll be able to hear the Skulltula at night on your journey, so look around for it and then kill it when you see it.