discovered by Paraxade, Gale Boomerang technique discovered by Kazooie

Trick Description Edit

This trick allows Link to do extremely far jump attack to reach locations early or places you were never intended to go. There are certain conditions that must be met to get an actual LJA, but using terrain and objects you can get a LJA in most places, at least on the GCN version. How To (Gale Boomerang, GCN only)

  1. Throw the Boomerang
  2. Pull out your sword
  3. Wait for the Boomerang to be over a void/high ground
  4. Jump Attack

How To (Any Version) Edit

  1. Lure an enemy (such as a Bokoblin) towards the spot where you wish to LJA and target it
  2. Strike the enemy to send it flying in the air, then perform a jump attack while it's still in the air.

Notes Edit

There's two different requirements to attain a LJA:

The Target must be over a void OR The Target must be over an object/solid ground that is at a higher elevation.

If either of these conditions are met, you should get a LJA. It must be noted this isn't 100% guaranteed, as there are some exceptions. Some voids like the ones in Palace of Twilight don't work.

You cannot move or press any other buttons once you throw the boomerang, or you will lose the locked target, causing the LJA to fail.

You can use the Boomerang's R targeting and still get a LJA, which makes it a lot more versatile and easier to use.