discovered by Acryte

Getting to the bridge Edit

There are a few ways to get to the bridge from the main forest. From the high ledge you can easily megaflip to the bridge. You can also damage boost to the lessest tree then from there jump to the bridge. If you have hookshot but not bombs then you can hookshot a small section of rope right next to a tree which will clip you on top of the rope.

Getting off the bridge Edit

If you have the longshot you can just shoot the ladder. You can use a single bomb hover to get over the ropes. There is also the pressure jump trick. Get near the small slope of the exit to hyrule field/kokiri forest so that if you press up against it you will do a small jump called a pressure jump. Place a bomb to the side then when its about to explode use a pressure jump and the explosion should knock you onto the ropes and off the bridge.