discovered by petrie911

Trick Description Edit

The Mega Flip lets you greatly extend the length of your backflip or sidehop by first rolling into a bomb.

The Mega Flip is similar to the Recoil Flip. In fact, they get exactly the same distance. However, the Mega Flip can be used while Hovering. This allows you to hover much farther than with regular backflips.

How To Edit

On the ground

  1. Pull a bomb and shield drop it
  2. Move back from it until you can't grab it
  3. Hold Z
  4. Roll towards it just before it explodes
  5. Backflip immediately after your roll
  6. Let go of back immediately

While hovering

  1. Pull a bomb and wait
  2. A little before it explodes, shield drop it
  3. Roll forward
  4. Backflip immediately after your roll
  5. Let go of back immediately

Notes Edit

Unlike in Ocarina of Time, the Mega Flip in Majora's Mask requires near frame-perfect timing. In real time runs, when there is an option, the Recoil Flip is probably better. The Mega Sidehop is also an option, and is a bit easier than the Mega Flip, but it gains no height, but the same distance.

By Holding left or right during a Mega Flip you can greatly influence the direction you go, which is useful for Fairy Fountain Wrong Warp or the Great Bay Temple boss key skip. Hitting back stops all of your momentum and is also what makes the Mega Flip much harder than the Mega Sidehop, because you have to let go of back within a few frames of backflipping.