discovered by petrie911

Trick Description Edit

The Recoil Flip is a way to extend your backflip by shielding damage at the beginning of it. Any source of damage will do, but bombs are most commonly used.

It can be done as Link or Zora Link, but Link will get more distance.

How To Edit

Bomb Method

  1. Pull out and shield drop a bomb
  2. Hold up your shield
  3. Backflip just before the bomb explodes

Bombchu Method

  1. Shield drop a bombchu
  2. Crouch stab the bombchu
  3. Backflip immediately after the above step

The above must be done extremely quickly, and is probably impractical for real time.

Recoil Flip, Mega Flip, or Long Jump? Edit

These three tricks have very similar uses, and deciding which one to use is not always obvious.

The Long Jump is actually a bit shorter than the other two, but its ability to grab ledges extends its range beyond that of the other two. The Long Jump can also be angled and is the only one that can gain significant height.

The Recoil Flip and Mega Flip get exactly the same distance. The Mega Flip can be used in conjunction with the ISG and Hovering. Meanwhile, the Recoil Flip can be done more quickly using bombchus, and is much easier to do in real time.