discovered by petrie911, MrGrunz

Trick Description Edit

The recoil jump combines the speed of the recoil flip with the height of a jump, getting the most distance of any single technique.

It is performed by roll jumping off a ledge right as a bomb's explosion hits you. Link jumps while being propelled backward at maximum speed.

How To Edit

Original Method (petrie911)

  1. Place a bomb
  2. Face away from your target
  3. Just before bomb explodes, roll off the ledge.

Useful Method (MrGrunz)

  1. Place bomb.
  2. Face away from your target
  3. Slightly tilt control stick and press Z. Link should do a ESS in place.
  4. Before the bomb explodes, press the control stick all the way back and roll.

In both cases, you should time it so the bomb's explosion hits you just as you jump from the ledge.

Notes Edit

The recoil jump travels backwards, and thus cannot grab ledges. Because it requires jumping from a ledge, it is incompatible with ISG.

The recoil jump's range can be extended slightly by shield dropping a bombchu in midair just before reaching your target, using the resultant damage boost to propel you onto a ledge.

Unlike a mega flip or recoil flip, you can jumpslash out of a recoil jump. However, doing so will stop all your momentum.