In Majora's Mask, just like Ocarina of Time, there's a scarcrow that you can teach a song to. There are 2 scarcrows you can teach the song to, one in the regular shop and one in the observatory. Unlike Ocarina of Time, once you teach him the song, there's nothing else you have to do to make it so that his scarcrow friend will appear in certain places if you play the song close enough to that place. You're close enough for the song to make him appear if Tatl turns blue and goes to the place where he would appear. After you make him appear, you can hookshot him to get to where he is. The scarcrow song is lost when you play the Song of Time. There are at least 8 places you can make the scarcrow appear:

  • 1 in Zora Cape
  • 1 on Great Bay cliff
  • 1 in the area just before Snowhead
  • 2 in the biggest room of Snowhead Temple
  • 1 just outside the entrance to the goron race
  • 1 at top of the ramp slope in zora hall