discovered by Kazooie

Information Edit

Using Bottle Adventure, you can put the SOLD OUT icon (for when you sell a mask) onto your B button.

It is notable that putting SOLD OUT on your B button works as a fully functional Master Sword. This is the only item in the game apart from the swords themselves that acts like a sword.

Saving the game with SOLD OUT on B causes it to revert back to a Deku Stick when you play again.

How-To Edit

The value for SOLD OUT is 44, so with Bottle on B as Adult Link, go back in time, and put an item on C-Right that will point towards a memory address that has a value of 44.

Example Method:

  1. Get Bottle to B on adult Link.
  2. Make sure you have 44 Bombchus.
  3. Go back in time.
  4. As child Link, put a bottled Poe on C-Right. (Poe is linked to Bombchu Count)
  5. Go forwards in time.
  6. This puts SOLD OUT on B.