discovered by Unreal

How it Works Edit

Go get the odd mushroom from the lonely guy in the Lost Woods then head over to Kakariko Village. Now enter the archery house and wait for the timer to count down to it's final seconds. As soon as the timer is about to hit 0:00, talk to the archery guy and play the minigame. Shoot all of your arrows and if done correctly, you should be able to gain control of Link with the timer on 0:00. To cancel the glitch, simply talk or check something with a text and you will be warped back to the Lost Woods. You can avoid being warped back to the Woods through text by fast scrolling.

Steal the Rod Warp Edit

discovered by Acryte

You can steal the rod as both Young and Adult Link with the mushroom timer at 0:00. Head over to the fishing pond and pay your fee to fish. Make sure you fast scroll through the text cause you don't want to be warped back to the Lost Woods. Now once you have the rod talk to the fisherman again and way your fish. You will now be warped back to the entrance of the Lost Woods with the rod on B.