Skip Two Deku Flowers Edit

Discovered by Kazooie

Using a backflip you can get onto the side of the 3rd deku flower pillar and walk right up to the 3rd flower, which skips using the 2 deku flowers before it. Just angle towards the entrance and backflip and you should land on it, then just walk right up it.

If you have the hookshot, you can hookshot to the torches instead, skipping all of the deku flowers.

Hover to Hero's Bow Edit

You can reach the other side with as little as 2 explosives. Using either 1 bomb hover and megaflip, or a recoil Jump and a chu boost. The recoil jump is a TAS only method for now, console should use the megaflip. Just aim towards the small platform with the torch and hover/jump to there. From there you can just hop onto the above ledge.

The old method is 4 normal hovers, or 2 hovers and a megaflip to the higher ledge.

If you have the hookshot, you can hookshot the torch on the small platform instead.

Boss Key Skip Edit

Discovered by MrGrunz

In the back right of the main room, right next to the stairs to the 2nd floor there's an acute angle in the corner, which is where the skip is done. You can use anything with a speed of 27 to get out of bounds here, the easiest being a recoil flip, and the most efficient being a megaflip. The amount of explosives used varies depending on how close to the unloaded room you hover. The best known method uses 15 explosives, utilizing 8 megaflips. Without megaflips, it should take around 23-25.