discovered by Sockfolder, improved by petrie911, MrGrunz

Glitch Description Edit

Sometimes there is more than one separate room on a map. Since you somehow have to get into those rooms they all have to have their own warpzones. Let's say there are two separate rooms on a map. You enter through room number 1. Now you get out of the bounds of this room and hover into room 2 and then use the warpzone to exit. Congratulations you have just wrong warp glitched. The only problem that you will encounter is that only the graphics of the room you entered will be loaded, so you have to navigate blindly in the room you have glitched into. This is however easily accomplished with some practice and a map.

Now this sounds really useless at first but the exits of those rooms might lead to points that are actually much much further away from each than the rooms on the map. There could be two rooms directly next to each other, with one having an exit in Mountain Village and the other one in Great Bay. So you might be able to get from one end of Termina to the other in about 10 seconds without a warpsong.

There 3 kinds of maps that allow Wrong Warp.

Grotto Warp Edit

Enter a grotto and bomb hover to the ceiling. In certain grottos, there will be no physical ceiling around the area with the light going up and you can easily hover out of the room. If you're not sure if a grotto has an open or closed top, aim the hookshot or shoot the bow at the area where the light shines up. If it is open there will be no red dot/arrow wont hit a wall. When you're out of the room it's simply a matter of getting in bounds of another grotto. Here is a map of the grottos: Mmgrottos
There are 2 main uses for grotto warping, the first being warping to the Lens of Truth cave from a generic pit, and the other is warping to the Deku Palace from the Ocean/Canyon Gossip Stone grotto or Akindo pit

Fairy Fountain Wrong Warp Edit

Wrong Warping via the fairy fountains is currently the most useful method of wrong warp allowing you warp litteraly across the entire map of Termina. Go to one of the 5 fairy fountains near their respective dungeons/North Clock town. None of the fairy fountains have closed tops so just hover over the top, but only to the right or left. Theres nothing behind the fountains. The fairy fountain map goes Ikana - Great Bay - Snowhead - Woodfall - Clock Town (Going left gets you to the subsequent dungeons fountain, there is nothing to the right of Clock Town or left of Ikana) Fairyfountains